Bonnie & Clyde Pairs League

Volleyball Pairs is a really cool, fun, and social way to play volleyball.

Pairs play offers you the chance to play with different people. It's not meant to create continuity, but rather force people to adapt their playing style to fit the new players on the court.

This format is an excellent way to meet & play with so many other unique players that have various skill levels & volleyball backgrounds. If you have a hard time mixing and matching with multiple pairs this format may not be for you.

Although we love offering unique formats to everyone, we aim at providing a strong sense of consistent synergy among all players within the league... it's not only about a highly competitive skill level, it's also about a positive and fun attitude, this is why the B&C Pairs League is so GREAT!!!  

Pairs are randomly mixed with 2 other pairs and will play Coed 6 vs. 6 AND Reverse (on women's height net) 6 vs. 6 each week. Pairs will play 4 sets per night. Standings will be based on Pairs' Wins, Losses, and Point Differential

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St Mary's CSS
66 Dufferin Park Ave.
(Bloor & Dufferin)
Tuesday Evenings
  • Advanced & higher

  • Registration for pairs or individuals
  • Early Bird Discount Deadline - Mar 26th
  • Max of 30 pairs!
League Details

  • 6:30 pm earliest start time
  • Start Date - Apr 25th
  • 7 weeks worth of games
  • An onsite OLS rep to settle any issues and keep everything smooth
  • Music, smiles, and a great atmosphere
    *Divisions may be combined based on the number of registered teams*
    *This is a 19 years old and over league*
    *Everyone must complete a waiver to participate in any program Off Limit Sports offers*  

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