Off Limit Sports organizes leagues, tournaments and events for the benefit of the participant. We strive to create a fun, social experience for our members with all of our programs. We seek to grow with like-minded individuals and companies, and to give back locally and internationally at the same time.

All levels welcome, come join us!
ABOUT US - It Says It All:

At Off Limits we strive to be healthy, active individuals and in turn to pass this lifestyle on to as many people as we can. We recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and how difficult it can be to get started or maintain one, as such, we work hard to deliver the programs our members want, and then to help them connect with others, with the intent of providing the most fun experience for each individual. In our opinion, what's the point of being active if you can't have fun at the same time!

Speaking of fun, one of our top priorities is to provide the best social experience you can have playing sports. Our business started out with help of our friends and has grown over the years through word-of-mouth, and by us being there for every event making the effort to get to know our members. We have made many more friends over the years, and are happy to report that our members have reaped the same benefit from being involved in our different programs, which couldn't make us happier.

Off Limit Sports has been a long-time supporter of GlobalMedic, a charity that provides support to disaster stricken countries, even since before our inception, and are happy to run our Annual GlobalMedic Beach Volleyball Tournament every summer at Ashbridges Bay. We also continue keep our eye out for local causes and charities to get involved with, and to show support.

The sum of this equation equals a lifestyle choice that we can help our members achieve, and provides the platform for them to do so. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our members try new things, meet new people, and thrive at the same time. Off Limit Sports provides programs for the benefit of the participant, and looks forward to continuing this well into the future.
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