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Pirate Queen & Captain of the Online Ship
"And you thought Marco and Eric were posting all those booty shots! ;)
It started out as a coop, and ended up as one of the best work experiences I know I’ll ever have! Marco, Eric, and the rest of the OLS team put everything they have into the leagues and tournaments offered, and their passion shows with loyal members, and the quality of the programs offered, you can only imagine then how much fun it is working with them!
Sadly, my time at OLS has come to an end :( don’t worry, you’ll still see me out dodging and attempting to volley :)
Thanks for the great time guys!"

                                            - Sinead O'Brien

"I've played with several sports leagues in the GTA, but finally found a home with Off Limit Sports two years ago. Right from the start I was impressed with how much they went beyond my expectations to get to know me and to create the best sports experience. I was so glad to find a sports club that could strike the right balance between competition and fun, in addition to providing excellent organization and solid venues. Matching me up with my current volleyball team is what I have to thank the guys at Off Limit Sports for the most. We all signed up as individuals, but my teammates and I are now friends on and off the court. We look forward to defending our title as league champs next season!"

                                                       - Will T.

Free Agent turned league champ!

Multi-Season and Multisport Member
"I've been an OLS member since they started & I've enjoyed every league that I've played in. Be it volleyball or softball, I've had a great time playing, having fun & making new friends. "

                                            - Frank Bozzo

"I've played dodgeball competitively for years but have never had so much fun as I do when on the trampolines. It's also an amazing work out. Off Limit Sports has done a fantastic job organizing a league where everybody is looking to have a good time."

                                       - Ian Chalmers

World Champion Dodger on the Court and Trampolines!

No longer the new kid in town!
"Before joining Off Limit Sports, I played one regretful season of volleyball with a different league. While searching for a different league I was referred to check out Off Limit Sports and joined for the next season. Being a free agent they did a great job of setting me up with an amazing team of ladies, as well as one of the leagues fearless leaders, Eric, invited me to be his partner in the Bonnie and Clyde Pairs league, since I was the new kid in town. Right from the beginning, I was, and am, astonished at how welcoming and friendly everyone is. Everyone I've met through their leagues and tournaments have always made me feel like I had been playing with them all for years! Not to mention making me a much better player because of everyone's mad skills and competition! Best volleyball and group of people ever!"

                                            - Alli Walker

"I moved to Toronto at the beginning of Fall 2013. Having been involved in sports all my life, I naturally looked to this avenue as a way to connect with my new city and remain active. I started poking around social media, meet-up’s and other groups online. What made Offlimit different and got me hooked, was that they wrapped their members experiences in a blanket of the “F” word....FUN! They adjust their leagues to ensure everyone has a fair level and opportunity to play, party socialize and remain happy. Even on a tight budget as a newcomer, I was able to afford to participate in pickups, leagues and was definately the best part of my first winter."

                                       - Kerish Maharaj

Went poking around and found the “F” word !!!

Hooked on BlitzBall
"BlitzBall is the most ridiculous sport I have ever played. I was exhausted by the end of it, I don't know if it was from being tired or laughing so much. The inflatable balls are safe and give you an invisible feeling, while running around like an idiot. Soccer was great exercise, and a lot of fun. I would totally recommend this activity to anyone looking for a unique experience for their next event. It was a great chance to laugh and exercise at the same time."

                                            - John Cullen

"We love coming to Toronto for the Bonnie and Clyde tournaments! We've had a great time getting to know new people and making friends in a fun, yet still competitive environment. Swapping partners/teammates is also a lot of fun. We wish we could come up and play in a weekly league too!"

                                       - Hayley and Andrew

Our out of town Bonnie & Clyders

Members who became employees
"Most fun we've had working
 outside of Vegas"
                                        - Colin and Sinead


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