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6IX Max


Ever have a great spike only to be blocked by a huge player in the front row??? 


Well say goodbye to those moments and say hello to 6IX MAX!



Volleyball has always been a sport dominated by height, so we decided to take that away and give you a huge chance!  The game of volleyball can be challenging enough, so now you can focus on your game instead of the huge 6'4" block!

Our new 6ix Max league is an individual registration league where you will play with different people each game.  Standings will be based on each individual's wins.  The net height will be in between official men's height and women's height, and all players in the league will be 6 feet zero inches tall and under!


  • Max height of 6 feet zero inches for players in the league

  • Customized net height (between official men's height and official women's height)

  • Individual registration

  • Customized schedule where you play with and against different players in the league

  • Early Bird Discount deadline: Sept 7th




(Free Agent)

We'll help find

a great team for you



Start Date: Oct 5th, 2021

12 weeks worth of games

6:30 pm earliest start time

League Details

All players in the league will be 6 feet zero inches or under


Individual registration: you will play with different players each week

On-site OLS rep to keep each night flowing smoothly

We set up the nets and provide warm-up balls

Prizes for top players based on individual's wins

Skill Level

Intermediate to Competitive

Suitable for a skill level of teams and players with a general to strong knowledge of the game

What level of play am I?




North of Lake Shore, South of Eglinton, West of Yonge, East of Dufferin

I've played with several sports leagues in the GTA, but finally found a home with Off Limit Sports two years ago. Right from the start I was impressed with how much they went beyond my expectations to get to know me and to create the best sports experience. I was so glad to find a sports club that could strike the right balance between competition and fun, in addition to providing excellent organization and solid venues. Matching me up with my current volleyball team is what I have to thank the guys at Off Limit Sports for the most. We all signed up as individuals, but my teammates and I are now friends on and off the court. We look forward to defending our title as league champs next season!

Will. T.

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