Volleyball Pairs is a really cool, fun, and social way to play volleyball.

Pairs play offers you the chance to play with different people. It's not meant to create continuity, but rather force people to adapt their playing style to fit the new players on the court.

This format is an excellent way to meet & play with so many other unique players that have various skill levels & volleyball backgrounds. If you have a hard time mixing and matching with multiple pairs this format may not be for you. 

Although we love offering unique formats to everyone, we aim at providing a strong sense of consistent synergy among all players within the league... it's not only about a competitive skill level, it's also about a positive and fun attitude.  This is why the B&C Pairs League is so GREAT!!!

Bonnie & Clyde



Save some money if you register by: Dec 19th


All games are played on women's height nets where the women play front row and the men play back row.



Register for the Winter AND Spring league! Why?

  1. Locks you in to the Spring season no matter how fast it sells out.

  2. You save $100 (Combo price = Winter Early bird fee & Spring Early bird fee minus 10%



My super duo is

ready to kick

some butt !!!


(Free Agent)

I want to play but I need a partner!


My captain signed us up.  I need to join the roster!


Date: Thursdays

Start Date: Jan 20th


6:15 pm earliest start time

11 weeks worth of games

21 weeks worth of games (Combo season)

League Details

On site OLS rep to keep each night flowing smoothly

Sign up as a pair and you'll play with 2 different pairs each game

Reverse 6's is played on women's height nets where the women play front row and the men play back row

This is a 19 years old and over league

Skill Level

Advanced & higher

These teams/players play with set positions, "middle hitters" and 1-2 designated setters. They attempt to run a "quick" at some time in the game

What level of play am I?


Alli testimonial.jpg

"Before joining Off Limit Sports, I played one regretful season of volleyball with a different league. While searching for a different league I was referred to check out Off Limit Sports and joined for the next season. Being a free agent they did a great job of setting me up with an amazing team of ladies, as well as one of the league's fearless leaders, Eric, invited me to be his partner in the Bonnie and Clyde Pairs league, since I was the new kid in town. Right from the beginning, I was, and am, astonished at how welcoming and friendly everyone is. Everyone I've met through their leagues and tournaments have always made me feel like I had been playing with them all for years! Not to mention making me a much better player because of everyone's mad skills and competition! Best volleyball and group of people ever!"

 - Alli W.


St Mary Catholic Academy

66 Dufferin Park Ave, Toronto, M6H 1J6