No rain!  No dirty feet! No wind! Grab your team and play in our indoor court volleyball leagues.
All our leagues are formatted to maximize game play and good spirits. It's not only about winning, but having a great night being active with good people.  We have leagues for all skill levels.

Our Recreational/Intermediate Individuals league will allow newer players to learn basic fundamentals in weekly clinics, and then have them play coed 6's games with different people each week.  In the same night, you'll learn and then get the chance to practice what you just learned in real games!


Our 6ix Max league will be for players 6 feet zero inches and lower and will be played on a customized net height.  It is an individual registration league where our customized schedule will have you play with and against different players each week.

Our Tiered League will let teams play more games against teams of similar skill level to keep gameplay consistent.  After each week, teams will move up or down based on their record each night.

Our Intermediate/Advanced league has been sold out for 11 consecutive September and January seasons

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I've played with several sports leagues in the GTA, but finally found a home with Off Limit Sports two years ago. Right from the start I was impressed with how much they went beyond my expectations to get to know me and to create the best sports experience. I was so glad to find a sports club that could strike the right balance between competition and fun, in addition to providing excellent organization and solid venues. Matching me up with my current volleyball team is what I have to thank the guys at Off Limit Sports for the most. We all signed up as individuals, but my teammates and I are now friends on and off the court. We look forward to defending our title as league champs next season!

Will T.