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We are Off Limit Sports!

Where organizations claim to be the best in the biz, we let our programs and people do the talking. We've played in most of the various organizations, and then decided we could do better.


  • WE set up the equipment (with proper net heights). 

  • WE provide balls for you to use. 

  • We have coordinators at EVERY location to ensure things are going smoothly and to create a fun environment (through interaction, playing music, joining you at the bar, etc.).

  • We listen to any feedback you have and will implement changes that would make our programs better. 

We not only run the programs, we play in them as well.  So our program formats are based on what we feel will maximize good gameplay AND being social. 

Check out the programs below and join this   
community  family!

Our Leagues and Programs

OLS Player's Corner

Bonnie & Clyde Tourneys

Play our popular Bonnie & Clyde format on Friday evenings. 

  • Play with and against the other pairs in the tourney

  • Earn points towards the Series Championship tourney

  • Little-to-no sitting time means still having time to go out


Next Tourney: Friday, Feb 10th!  

Bonnie & Clyde Series Tourney #6 - Winnters_edited.jpg
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