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Free Agents

Q) If I register as a free agent, am I guaranteed a spot in the league?
A) No. Free agent placement is dependent on how many free agents sign-up and how many teams still need players.  We would either make a free agent team if we have enough players or contact all the teams in the league to see who still has roster spots available on their team.  It is possible that a league would be full with no room for a free agent team, and no team in need of more players.

Q) As a free agent, will you randomly put me with other free agents on a team?
A) No.  We try to create free agent teams based on what we think might be a good fit.  We wait until we have the entire pool of free agents and then group them based on things such as skill level, competitiveness, positions played, age, etc.

Q) Why do you wait so long to let me know if I will be on a team?
A) Waiting until we close registration a few days before the start of league allows us to get the whole pool of free agents so we create teams based on common things, rather than randomly assigning free agents when they register.  We do give priority to the free agents that registered earlier rather than later.

Q) What happens if you don't find me a team?
A) We will continue to try to find you a team until after the first night of games.  If we are still unsuccessful, we will fully refund your registration fee or move you to another program of your choice (if there's room).

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