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Pickleball Giveaway

$600 Value


Participation WAIVER

In order to participate in any Off Limit Sports program each individual "MUST" complete an online or printed waiver.

Online Waivers:  

These are e automatically generated once you create your web log in and register for a program. After logging in and registering for your program you will be able to read the waiver and tick off a check box or you can click the "accept" button in your "Dashboard".

Printed Waivers:

Alternatively you may also print, read, sign and hand in a physical copy by downloading a copy HERE.


Program Definition:

League, Tournament, Clinic, Pick-Up or Event

All refunds are subject to a 5% administration fee.

A refund will be given to teams / Free Agents if:

  • A program is cancelled

  • We are unable to find you a team (Free Agents only)


A credit to Off Limit Sports programs will be given to teams if:

  • A Team or Free Agent requests a refund no later than 30 days before the start of a program 


Teams or Free Agents requesting refunds within 30 days of the start of a program are responsible for:

  • Finding a Team or Free Agent replacement for the same program

  • Coordinating with this Team or Free Agent to settle any monetary costs associated with participation in the program

  • Informing Off Limit Sports of the replacement Team or Free Agent


As an added service, Off Limit Sports will do everything we can to help find a replacement Team or Free Agent, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.  If a replacement is found, whatever amount Off Limit Sports is able to recoup, we will gladly put it towards giving you a refund.

Any permits (or reservations with a private facility) that are cancelled by the facility after our season has started, are not subject to a refund.  We will do everything we can to try and re-schedule the cancelled night, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so.  This make up session could come in the form of rescheduled games, open gym time, etc.

Due to weather or other issues, we will notify participants as early as possible if the facility has closed and has cancelled their permits.  Make-up games will only be made up if we are able to negotiate an additional date for the Program's facility.  

There will be no refunds or credits for cancelled permits or games where venues remain open, regardless of whether you attend or not.

 Credits (and refunds) can only be issued to the participant who pays for the registration.  


Program skill level labels are a recommendation, and not a guarantee.  Although we try our best to ensure teams / players in our programs fit the recommended skill levels, it is possible that there could be teams / players within the program who are either below or above the recommended skill level.


No refunds will be given to teams / players requesting to leave a program because they are not happy with the skill level of the program.

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