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Special & Promos

Multi-League $400 Bonus

Additional $400 in savings ON TOP of Early Bird or Combo discounts.

Are you on a Fall roster?

If yes...

Register as a captain in a;

2nd league, and receive an additional $100

3rd league, and receive an additional $300

Coed 6s Inter/Adv - Mondays 

Coed 6s Tiered - Tuesdays

Coed 6 Reverse - Wednesday 

*Bonnie & Clyde Pairs - Thursday

Women's - Monday 

Coed 6s Rec/Inter - Thursday

Etobicoke Rec 6s - Tuesday 

Trampoline Dodgeball - Monday/Wednesday

Etobicoke Intermediate 6s Monday/Wednesday  

For example...

You are registered for Trampoline Dodegball Combo Fall & Winter = save $445


You captain a team for Coed Inter/Adv Combo Fall & Winter = save $425 PLUS

$100 back 


You captain a team for Coed Tiered Combo Fall &Winter = save $425 PLUS

$300 back!

That's $1695 in savings!!!

*bonus for Bonnie & Clyde league is 1/3 the amount

*bonus is refunded to you after the start of leagues once rosters are confirmed

Holy Moley!!!!

Free Party Tickets Giveaway

Any captain registering a team before Aug 24th will be entered into a draw for 2 free tickets ($30 value) to our Sept 9th party

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