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Rosters and Waivers

  • All players must accept the online waiver to participate. Have your players go to the league page on our website and Register as a Team Players and then select your team name.  This will add them to the roster pending captain approval.  It will also take them to the online waiver which needs to be read and accepted.


  • Through your member Dashboard you will be able to find the league page and the schedules page.  There is one page that will show the entire schedule and another that shows the schedule for just your team.  Any days we are not playing will be visible on the full schedule page.


  • In order for a sub to be eligible for playoffs, they must have played for your team at least once throughout the season. 

  • It is the team's responsibility to notify the league coordinator that they have a sub that night.  The coordinator will then record the names of your subs.  This listing of names will be used to create an eligible playoff sub list that each team.


  • Format for playoffs will be decided prior to the start of playoffs.

  • Only players who are on your team roster or on your official sub roster are eligible to play in playoffs.  


Program Update

As the corresponding regions are in the Red Control / Grey Lockdown sector of the Province's colour-coded system for COVID-19 restrictions, all programs in those regions have been temporarily cancelled until that time where team sports will be able to continue.

We will continue to have programs for you once team sports are allowed to return, so keep an eye out for our updates via social media or our email newsletters!  We hope you remain healthy and safe!


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