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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our leagues, skill levels or policy and rules.

  • How do I register for a league or tournament?
    1) Head on over to the OLS site and select the league that you are interested in. 2) Click on the level associated with the league you want to sign up for. Note; that if a level is greyed out it means this particular league is either closed for registration or not actively running until next season. Add your name to the waitlist and we'll be in touch if a spot becomes available or anything changes. 3) Once on this page you'll be able to review the league details including start/end times, duration of the league, details on skill level as well as any special offers or discounts. 4) Scroll to the bottom and select the league under the correct type of player you are signing up as (Team Captain, Free Agent or Team Player) 5) After logging in, click register, confirm your player type and follow the prompts on the screen to secure your spot.
  • What's the difference between a Team Captain, Free Agent, and Team Player?
    We offer three different ways to register. Double check to make sure you are signing up under the correct category. 1) Team Captain - You are ready to sign up and pay for your team 2) Team Player - Your captain registered your team and you need to join the roster 3) Free Agent - You are signing up solo (or with some friends) and need us to find you a team
  • I see that the league is full, is there anything I can do to still play?
    If your first choice of league is full there are a few things you can do. 1) Sign up to be on the waitlist - we'll notify you if a spot becomes available. 2) Check to see if the same league is available on another night or location that you could sign up for instead. 3) Check out the other leagues we offer and maybe give a different sport a try.
  • I'm trying to register for a league but it's greyed out on the registration page. Is this a glitch?
    No glitch. When the skill level is greyed out it means that this particular league is either closed for registration or not actively running until next season. We ask you to add your name to the waitlist and we'll be in touch if a spot becomes available or if anything changes.
  • Why do I see a 18% processing fee when registering?
    We get it, this feels like a lot. There is a standard 13% HST plus a 5% merchant processing fee for all credit card payments to support the use of LeagueApps. To avoid this additional 5% processing fee, we offer an option to send an electronic money transfer to (you will only pay the 13% HST.)
  • What methods of payment are accepted?
    We offer credit card payments which can be made directly on the website during the time of registration. Note that there is an additional 5% processing fee for all credit card payments. Alternatively, you can also send an electronic money transfer to to save on this processing fee.
  • What ages are acceptable?
    Off Limit Sports is a recreational, adult, social sports, program provider that caters to 19+ years old. Depending on the sport program, we typically see an average range between mid/high 20s to mid/high 30s.
  • I see you asked for my shirt size in the registration process, does this mean we will be getting uniforms?
    No, we do not offer uniforms, but we encourage teams to find their own way to show their team spirit when they show up for games. We ask for shirt sizes because we offer clothing as prizes to the league and tournament champions. This gives us an idea of what to have on hand.
  • If I register as a free agent, am I guaranteed a spot in the league?
    No. Free agent placement is dependent on how many free agents sign-up and how many teams still need players. We would either make a free agent team if we have enough players or contact all the teams in the league to see who still has roster spots available on their team. It is possible that a league would be full with no room for a free agent team, and no team in need of more players.
  • As a free agent, will you randomly put me with other free agents on a team?
    No. We try to create free agent teams based on what we think might be a good fit. We wait until we have the entire pool of free agents and then group them based on things such as skill level, competitiveness, positions played, age, etc.
  • Why do you wait so long to let me know if I will be on a team?
    Waiting until we close registration a few days before the start of league allows us to get the whole pool of free agents so we create teams based on common things, rather than randomly assigning free agents when they register.  We do give priority to the free agents that registered earlier rather than later.
  • What happens if you don't find me a team?
    We will continue to try to find you a team until after the first night of games.  If we are still unsuccessful, we will fully refund your registration fee or move you to another program of your choice (if there's room).
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